You are currently viewing Maldives Islands Go To the Polls on September 30, 2018


The EC, Maldives’ Election Commission, met on Friday to discuss the Telangana assembly polls after the Rao government dissolved the House more than eight months before the end of its term. EC will follow this up by sending a team of officials to assess the ground situation. The team’s feedback has given the date for the elections as September 30, 2018.

The development comes at a time when the Indian Ocean archipelago nation is witnessing instability following President Abdulla Yameen’s declaration of a state of emergency on February 5, after defying a major Supreme Court ruling that set dissident leaders free.

Inviting foreign observers to the polls, the Male government requested the international community “to refrain from any actions that could hinder resolving” the current situation.

Earlier this week, President Yameen extended the emergency rule by 30 days, drawing sharp statements from the international community, including India, which expressed “deep dismay”.

Difficult period

Male accused India of ignoring facts and ground realities regarding the current political developments. In a statement issued on Thursday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the nation was experiencing one of the most difficult periods in its history.