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Deported man says ‘ruthless’ US immigration system leaves no options

A Co Down man who was deported from the US in 2013 says he does not have much advice for Cork native Keith Byrne because the country’s immigration system is “ruthless.” Cormac McGrady (45), who was sent home after being arrested for a public nudity offence while skinny-dipping with his wife on holiday in Delaware, says he cannot offer encouragement to others given his experience during his deportation. Mr McGrady, who now lives in Newcastle, Co Down, was applying for his green card as the husband of US citizen Caitlin Vennard when his arrest, six years ago, started a chain of events that led to

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The Steepest Street in the World – Ffordd Pen Llech in Harlech

In the ancient and beautiful North West Wales town of Harlech, sited on the Wales Coast Path and famed in legend and song, is a street named Ffordd Pen Llech*. Residents and visitors who drive down it or walk up it all comment on how steep it is. And so too does Guinness World Records, which today issued a certificate announcing that Ffordd Pen Llech now holds the record for the steepest street in the world: “The steepest street (road) is Ffordd Pen Llech in Harlech, Wales, UK with a gradient of 1:2.67 (37.45% stretch over fall) as verified on

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Long Beach California

Long Beach Bulletin

  Another sunny day in the East Village of downtown Long Beach, California, USA. The Queen Mary sits proudly near the entrance to the Port of Los Angeles a gallant reminder of the close cooperation between the USA and Great Britain during the war years as well as the heyday of so many Hollywood stars that graced its deck in the years that followed. A tour of this mighty vessel shows not only the majesty of the on deck accommodations afforded its guests, but the cramped and narrow quarters provided for the crew and working staff. The Villa Riviera, the

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Indonesia and the United States: 20 Years Post-Reformasi October 15, 2018 On October 23, the CSIS Southeast Asia Program will host a conference, Indonesia and the United States: 20 Years Post-Reformasi, which will explore themes outlined in this commentary. 2018 marks 20 years since Indonesia threw off decades of authoritarian rule in the wake of the Asian financial crisis and began a reform process ( reformasi) that has led to democratic consolidation in the world’s fourth most populous country. With its 2019 presidential election season fully underway, Indonesia’s vibrant, democratic political system will be on display for the world over the next six months, until election day on April

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