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El evento este año, a week long, paint-your-brains-out-and-party extravaganza just wrapped up in Long Beach. spanish

Artists completed 20 new murals across Long Beach during the past week.

POW! WOW! Long Beach artists fanned across the city to create large-scale public art and help beautify the city from Sunday, July 21, to Sunday, July 28.

The event began in 2015. There are now nearly 100 colorful murals on the sides of buildings, under bridges, on parking structures and even one on a transit bus.

Six Long Beach artists participated in this years event: Steve Martinez, Tida Whitney, Cynthia Lujan, Nevermade, Jason Keam and Bodeck Hernandez.

In addition to the local muralists, artists from Chicago, Phoenix and New York City were in town along with international artists from Japan, Belgium, Mexico City, Taiwan and Dubai.