Recent Funeral Held for Swiss Glacier

by Taistealai

Dozens of Swiss congregated recently in the Glarus Alps of Northeastern Switzerland to mourn the passing of their beloved Pizoli glacier. They had been watching its slow regression into oblivion over the year with sadness and consternation and in September, the gathered together for the last time to say goodbye to one of Swiss’s more beloved landmarks.

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As put it, ”

Around 250 people including children joined the solemn two-hour climb up the side of Pizol mountain in northeastern Switzerland to the foot of the rapidly melting , situated at an altitude of around 2,700 metres (8,850 feet) near the Liechtenstein and Austrian borders.

“We’re here to bid farewell to Pizol,” Swiss glaciologist Matthias Huss said in a sombre speech after arriving at the glacier, one of the most studied in the Alps.”

The mournful sounds of Alphorns echoed throughout as people laid flowers and cried out to The Almighty to stop this cancerous disease, Climate Change, before it’s too late.

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