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INTRO 11 seconds 3 crashes
World of the Weird
MethaneSAT 25 seconds
Poland 30
Chernobyl 35
Sugar Rush 22
Dog Wins Race 15
Snow Shoveler 23
M – In space no one can hear you fart, at least for the time being. New Zealand has announced mission control for a new satellite that will orbit the earth observing methane produced by burps or other flatulence by cows. Soon, those gases will be seen from space – more specifically, from a 350kg satellite dubbed “MethaneSAT” which will circle the planet at around 28 times the speed of sound.
P – Retirement for animals is a cruel and lonely space, especially if they don’t have adequate human care to look forward to. Thus, the Polish government decided to resolve this issue once and for all by providing a pension to all service animals once they arrive at retirement age. “These animals have worked for the state, they have done their jobs well and they should be entitled to health care and proper retirement — on green pastures in the case of horses,” Sgt. Katarzyna Kuczynska said. Cat-are-zine-na cooc-zine-skah
C – Ukrainian International Airlines, UIA, offered a special aerial tour to commemorate 35th anniversary of the horrible nuclear power plant disaster, Chernobyl. This flyover happened on April 25th and flew over the abandoned town of Pripyat as well as the nuclear power plant itself. It is not known how many people acquired a permanent orange hairdo as a result.
S – A planned theme park in Los Angeles, California, USA, has kids begging for more. A large parking lot has been renovated to meet the needs of the glucose-inclined public. Get your sweet tooth on for Sugar Rush. This park has a limited engagement and will run from April 2 through May 2 of 2021.
D – A dog came out of the stands on the final turn and blew past the competition to a record-setting win. This man versus dog, or rather, girl versus dog, occurred in the state of Utah in the United States recently at Logan High School during the Grizzly International track meet.
S – Shoveling snow is never fun. It can be hard, tedious and exhausting, but when the roof teams up with mother nature, you might as well call it a day.




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Utah Grizzly International at Logan HS



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Poland Law 2021 Create pension for animals News Today TV





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Chernobyl flyover 25.04 FLIGHT OVER KYIV AND CHERNOBYL



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Los Angeles Sugar Rush






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New Zealand Track methane MethaneSAT methanesat